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RoseMary Honnold

I am RoseMary Honnold, the young adult services coordinator at the Coshocton Public Library in Coshocton, OH.

Richard Wisneski

Hello. My name is Richard Wisneski. I am an instruction librarian and bibliographer at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. I am interested in library 2.0 concepts, particularly as they concern my collaboration wtih faculty, instructional design, and assistance in the library's web site redesign. I have set up a blog at: [http://rwisnes92.wordpress.com/]

Max Macias

Hi, my name is Max Macias. I work at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon. I do the serials at PCC. I am interested in library 2.0 concepts and how they can be instituted to improve libraries for staff, and patrons.

John Fudrow

Hello, my name is John Fudrow. I currently work in the Science Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. My position is as the administrative and reference coordinator. I am also a library student at the University of Pittsburgh. I am also interested in library 2.0 concepts, as well as improving the education of staff and students on the ever evolving face of the technologies we use each day.

Bonnie Houser

This is Bonnie Houser, reference librarian at the Cleveland Institute of Music. I was introduced to social software last May and spent the summer working on a library blog for CIM. I'm interested in how to integrate social software into our library. We'll be undergoing a complete renovation this coming summer. So I anticipate developing promotional and instructional resources using social software. I have set up a professional blog using Wordpress.com.

Maida Tilchen

I'm not sure I'm supposed to start a new page or edit Rosemary's page, but I decided to try "Create a new page."
Thanks so much Rosemary for starting the wiki, hope you have better luck that I did with my blog yesterday.
Anyway, to introduce myself: I am Project Manager for Library Services at Cambridge College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We also have seven other campus sites around the country. We don't have a traditional print library at all. We have a virtual online library, packed with databases, using an interface provided by www.egloballibrary.com
I administrate everything and I design and provide all the instructional materials and all the faculty instruction. I am Instructional Developer, not an MLS.
Our students are older, average age 40, and most of the faculty are even older. There's a lot of resistance to new tech and I suspect few have tried any of the Web 2.0. I'm hoping to learn it and make others aware of it and perhaps using it so they stay competitive.
I look forward to meeting you all online to learn all this as I have found it impossible to learn on my own.

Don Widmer

My name is Don Widmer and I am the Library Director at VanderCook College of Music in Chicago (another music librarian… Hi Bonnie!). I am not familiar with many of the social networking tools which are out there. That's why I need this course. I hope to be able to implement some of these tools on our library's website to engage some of our more reluctant users. Also, I hope to be able to use tools (such as this Wiki) to create a place for library staff to communicate about work-related issues.

Cory Lampert

Hello from Las Vegas! I'm Cory Lampert and I am the Digitization Projects Librarian at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Web 2.0 is a hot topic at my library and I'd like to hear how libraries are responding and becoming part of this new participatory online culture. As more faculty start to use social networking software to collaborate and do research, I am particularly interested in how libraries can remain engaged in the conversation.

John Lang

Hello from DFW, I'm a special librarian(MLS)/historian/archivist for a large international, religious, non-profit providing service to our worldwide staff. Although I am a solo librarian, I am aware of the growing importance of social networking opportunities to better serve our constituents and want to incorporate some of these functions in our library resources management.

Bruce Jensen

Representing the Rio Grande Valley of deep south Texas, where the best thing about many libraries is that they're air conditioned. I'm a systems librarian at a community college that's on the lookout for innovations to serve a large and hardworking student body. I hope we lurkers can find some ways to encourage each other to create better libraries. Long ago I built the Spanish in Our Libraries/Public Libraries Using Spanish sites.

Norma Leistiko

I am imitating the paragraph above me as I am not sure how to get on the Welcome page. My name is Norma Leistiko and I am in Portland, Oregon working on my MLS through Emporia State University. Our classes actually meet on weekends and the rest of the work we do by Blackboard and email. I have had 1.5 years library work through volunteering and one student job. I am most intrested in technical resources like this social networking, reference work and learning more spanish. thanks for building the spanish site Bruce Jensen. I want to build a wiki for our class and i hope I can learn to do it within a month. Thanks for all the help I can get. I see the palette and I will learn to use it.

Ann Rutherford

I am the Miles Community College Library Director, in Miles City, Montana. We are a very small Community College. I have two full time staff and I have made sure that we are all 'cross trained.' I am also the Instructional Libraian and meet with faculty to provide special services to their individual classes. We are a member of the Montana Shared Catalog and are currently envolved with the NCIP pilot project and well as the CCPilot project, through OCLC. I am also the webmaster of the libraries web pages and have been envolved with the Montana Memory Project, digitizing over 450 items. I received my MLS from the University of Wyoming in 1993 and have been trying to 'keep up' ever since, taking over 50 graduate classes in my spare time. I believe in partnership, collaboration and support with and for all libraries - K-12, Public, Special and Accademic. Judson H. Flower Jr. Library

Chris Stockwell

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as member" … Groucho Marx. So, this wiki is a great help, RoseMary. I am the Library Systems Programmer/Analyst at the Montana State Library working in the State Publications area. The State Library is located in Helena, Montana. I recently met Ann Rutherfood at a legislative meeting in Helena, MT. Hi, Ann! Am very interested in how the State Library could use Library 2.0 concepts to juice up its website at [http://msl.mt.gov]. We also support public libraries throughout Montana that are definitely interested.

Sumiye Sugawara

I run a small one-person library with a township population of 1,800. It is difficult to stay on top off new trends and technology. I am getting a new library and want to be able to offer my patrons the best services I can. Just because we are small does not have to mean antiquated.

Ann Nichols

I work in a medium size public library in Northern Idaho. I would like to try to keep up with technology to be able to provide good reference service.

Allan Cho

I am a 2nd year student at the University of British Columbia's School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS). I am interested in Web 2.0 technologies and how they can be applied to a library and information services setting. I'm also the Student Technical Assistant at SLAIS, where I maintain and troubleshoot computer problems in the labs at the school. I enjoy not only learning about new technologies, but also how to teach others to use them and apply it to their own uses.

Evena Shu

Hello from sunny California. I am the Technical Services Senior Librarian at the Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library. I am interested to learn the Web 2.0. and apply what I learn to improve the library's website. I am hoping to be able keep up all these new technology. Thanks RoseMary for your initiative in setting this wiki for the group.

Linda Behen

Hi from not so sunny and very cold Cincinnati. I'm the Director of Library Services at St. Ursula Academy (a college prep private high school for girls) and I love gadgets and technology but haven't had the time or nerve to actually create a wiki for library information. (I still use a standard Web Page). I have incorporated pop culture into my information literacy instruction and really want ideas on how to use social tools to engage students. I can't wait to learn by lurking! Thanks RoseMary.

Plamen Miltenoff

Hello from no-less-cold Minnesota. I am on the information technologies side of Learning Resources and Technology Services (the fancy name of our library + computer folks) at St. Cloud State University. I am also the liaison to College of Education and I love tracking the impact of Web development, multimedia and interactivity in educational practice. I hope to learn a lot from lurking around!

Heather Biedermann

I am a Reference Librarian for a branch library of the Rasmussen College system in Mankato, Minnesota. I have been developing a new library website and have been experimenting with WordPress to use with the site. I am excited to learn everything I can about technology and how to apply it to a library setting!

Karen Preston

I work at Life University just outside Atlanta, Georgia. I work with print and electronic serials, administration of our ILS and any student computer/printer problems that arise. I am working on my MLIS degree. I am interested in learning how all of this library 2.0 stuff works. I have dabbled in blogs and wikis, but expect to learn alot by lurking. This is a great opportunity. Thank you RoseMary for starting this wiki.

Mary Ann Laun

I am the Library Director at Pasadena City College in California, serving 30,000 students with 7 librarians and 9 paraprofessional staff. They are incredible! I am on sabbatical leave this year playing with new technologies and studying the digitization of resources in community colleges. I feel so human again since I am self-directed and embrace each new day with something new to discover. I do have a blog that tracks all my meanderings…and I will be especially glad when I have to write my summary report. This looks like a great experience and thank you Rosemary for leading us along!

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