MySpace and other social networking sites can be used by libraries as another outreach tool.

Its potential has NOT been realized yet.

The library should take advantage of this software (and other forms of social software) to outreach to our patrons, potential patrons, and donors.

Many Libraries use MySpace to reach their users. One can send bulletins to users who are registered as 'friends.' Said bulletins are effective because they go to people who declare themselves 'friends' and are interested in the library and library events.

Technology can be used for both good and bad—this past spring MySpace was credited as being key to the success of the Immigration student walkouts, and demonstrations for immigrants.

I monitor our page daily and will delete and un-befriend anyone who posts obscene material, or posts hateful language.

I would argue that MySpace is an important new tool, which the libraries can utilized to outreach.

The Web in general has been utilized by pedophiles to prey on children. The fact that IRC, AOL, YAHOO, MSN, etc…have been utilized by criminals is not a good argument for getting rid of said entities, but to monitor them, and to learn how to prevent abuse and to educate users about the dangers of everything from id theft to stalking.

I have a safety section on our MySpace Page

Here are several libraries with MySpaces:

Darien Library []

Brooklyn College Library

Hennepin County Library []

Wendt Library

Morrisville College Libraries []

Albany County Public Library []

Westmont Public Library


Tonganoxie Public Library []

Coshocton Public Library Animanga Club []

These libraries show how MySpace can be utiliz
ed in various ways to reach our patrons.

MySpace is but one new technology that libraries use today.

Articles about Myspace and Libraries

Your Space or MySpace?

By Beth Evans, netConnect (Library Journal Supplement) — October 15, 2006

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